5 Foods that make you want to eat less later

If you want to feel full, you need to put down the donuts and pick up a snack that actually satiates your body. When you opt for a pastry or sugary snack, your body doesn’t feel full because it’s not receiving any nutrients to actually munch on.

Luckily, with these five snacks, you’ll finally be able to eat less while feeling like you’ve eaten more.

1. Avocado

This delectable little treat is loaded to the brim with healthy fats and fibers. In fact, it’s so full of good stuff that having only one half at lunchtime cuts snacking desires by a full 24% for three hours after the meal, as well as increases satisfaction by 22% according to research in the Nutrition Journal.

2. Eggs

In a study conducted at Pennington Biomedical’s clinical research facilities in Baton Rouge, LA, participants who had a plateful of eggs for breakfast were shown to have much lower levels of ghrelin, an appetite-inducing hormone, and higher levels of PPY, a hormone that makes you feel full. Just don’t believe the lies about egg yolks and cholesterol. The yolks actually have the most nutrients.

3.  Cayenne pepper

Those that like flavor in their meals will be happy to hear that cayenne pepper led to a decrease in cravings of fatty, sweet and salty foods. The results came about when test subjects added only a half teaspoon to their meals. In addition, participants ended up consuming fewer calories at their next meal.

4. Water

Though water is technically a liquid, it nonetheless provides your body with an essential nutrient it needs to survive. You’ll die of dehydration long before starving. In this arena of eating less, water is a great way to fight off cravings. One study even found that drinking enough water reduced overall caloric intake by about 80 calories.

5. Healthy soups

A Penn State research team found that eating low-­calorie chicken and brown rice soup fought off cravings. Because of the high water content and fiber from the veggies, the body had a lot to digest before crying out for more.

By Mike Bundrant of the iNLP Center.

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