6 crazy weight loss methods you should never try

Tuesday, September 15, 2015 by

Weight loss is something most of us have attempted, but it is also something many people try to cheat.

People come up with things like weight loss candy, sunglasses, and even diet chopsticks to try and amaze people at how easy it can be to lose weight.

Although most of these gimmicks are harmless, some of them cross the line and become downright dangerous. Here are some trends that should not be attempted:

1. Tube feeding

A procedure usually used for people who can’t feed themselves because of an illness or injury, it includes having a feeding tube inserted through the nose, down their esophagus and into the stomach. Through this they are fed an 800 calorie diet that is low in carbs and high and protein.

For eight days they are fed this diet while they are not allowed to eat food.

2. Extreme hunger

Although this is one of the most obvious of the things listed, it is still very important to avoid.

Even slight starvation has dramatic effects on someone, like depression, breakdown in muscle, hormone imbalances, and an increased injury risk.

Everyone’s body is like a machine that needs nourishment and energy in order to perform to its best ability. Your body needs nutrients like protein, carbs, and healthy fats in order to repair, produce, and heal to the extent it needs to.

3. Tapeworms

Many people pursue tapeworms for weight loss, despite the potentially fatal risks involved.

Some include organ complications, digestive issues, and even brain and nerve damage. Sadly, though, tapeworms are used in the U.S despite being illegal.

4. Plastic tongue patch

This little device was created by a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, CA. Still not FDA approved, it’s a patch of plastic that is surgically place onto the tongue in a matter of 10 minutes. The tongue patch makes solid foods severely painful to eat, thus forcing patients to consume a liquid-only diet.

5. Stimulants

As a result of the pressure to be thin, many people fall into the trap of using stimulant drugs to achieve the perfect body. The result of this is often falling into an unhealthy lifestyle, leading to drug addiction.

Side effects of these drugs include extremely high blood pressure, stroke, seizures, and mood swings. Even over-the-counter drugs can cause these side effects.

6. Smoking

Unfortunately, many people take up this deadly habit specifically to lose weight despite knowing the dangers. This is because smoking has been known to decrease appetite and desensitize taste buds. Most people aren’t aware that it has been estimated that the health effects of smoking are so great that they equate to gaining 100 pounds.

Ultimately, many people turn to bizarre tactics to shed a few quick pounds, when the consequences of the gimmicks are not worth the risks. While it sounds tempting to give in and chose the easy way out, losing weight the natural way with healthy eating and exercise is the best way to go.


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