10 telltale signs you eat too much sugar

Wednesday, October 07, 2015 by

The average American takes in far more sugar in one year than is recommended for a whole lifetime. But how do you know if you’re consuming too much?

  1. Craving sugar and carbs – If you find yourself constantly craving sweets, you’re probably a sugar addict.
  2. Low energy levels – With every sugar high, there must come a crash. You’ll notice you have very defined lulls throughout the day.
  3. Frequent colds and flus – Processed food will not keep your immunity strong.
  4. Anxiety or depression – Poor diet can hurt your emotional state and eating unhealthy can even negatively impact your mood.
  5. Skin problems – Acne, redness, oily skin; this is what happens when your diet is all sugar and no nutrients.
  6. Excess weight – Diets high in sugar are usually high in calories.
  7. High blood pressure – Experts now realize that excess sugar intake is more harmful than previously known.
  8. Dental issues – Cavities come first and root canals and tooth loss come later.
  9. Diabetes – Type II, after you’ve stressed out your pancreas too much.
  10. Heart problems – Sugary diets increase your heart disease risk.

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