Choose your protein source wisely to lose weight

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It’s important to know which sources of protein are beneficial on your weight loss journey.

Personally, I am a steak-lovin’ red-meat-eater, so upon discovering that it probably isn’t healthy to eat red meat every night…

Well, I’m a little bummed.

What makes a source of protein beneficial to weight loss or not?

Answer: saturated fat content.

Beef has a fair amount of fat in it, so while providing a healthy dose of protein,  a serving of red meat can also add up to seventy five percent of your daily fat requirement as well. Does this mean it’s bad to eat? Not necessarily, just not every night (as I would have it, in a perfect world).

There are many foods that we choose to eat on a regular basis, with our health in mind. But what we don’t know is how high their fat content is. Foods with a significantly high amount of saturated fat include: avocado, nuts and nut butter, dark meats, whole eggs and dairy, and coconuts.

All of the above are healthy foods! They are also high in calories due to their high fat content. Remember, the only way to lose fat is to create a calorie deficit daily. Eating the above foods without monitoring the calories they add to your day is a near sure way to move into calorie surplus, which adds fat to your body.

When choosing meat, it’s best to choose something that is extremely lean. Chicken without the skin, turkey breast, and most fish are great for this as they are high in protein, and low in saturated fat.

Choosing vegetables that are high in protein is another way to protect yourself from unwanted weight gain, as well as high cholesterol. Peas, spinach, kale, lentils, broccoli, and mushrooms are great options for vegetables that are high in protein.

An article published by Everyday Health had this to say on the topic, “In addition to choosing good sources of protein, it can also be useful to plan your meals ahead of time. Advance planning can help you identify the foods that you tend to eat too much of, allowing you to make better substitutions beforehand.”

The most important weight loss tool in your arsenal, therefore, is a food journal. If you do not track what you eat you will overeat! Mindless eating — eating without awareness of the amounts and nutritional properties of the food going into your body — is the ultimate cause of obesity. If you are not ready to track your food intake, then you are not ready to lose weight.



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