Signs you need to monitor your blood sugar

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The modern diet is a blood sugar nightmare — and it can kill you.

Diabetes is a global health disorder that is affecting people of all ages. Many people are not aware that they are at risk of getting the disease or that they already have early symptoms of what is referred to as pre-diabetes state.

Such patients are only discovered during routine blood sugar monitoring. What signs and symptoms do you need to see to initiate monitoring of your blood sugar levels?

Warning signs of blood sugar metabolism disorder in the body:

Early signs include:

• Generalized tiredness
• Fatigue on doing light jobs despite increased appetite
• Excessive thirst
• Drinking too much water and other fluids
• Passing too much urine many times
• Having to wake up several times at night to pass urine

It is at this time that many people seek help.

If not managed well uncontrolled blood sugar creates other problems that include the following.

• Muscle wasting
• Unintended loss of weight
• Recurrent fungal infection in the mouth, vagina and under the foreskin
• Cold extremities

In advanced cases of poorly controlled blood sugar, a patient can come with complications that demand close monitoring of blood glucose level.

These include the following:

• Numbness
• Pins and needles sensation on the skin
• Poorly healing wounds especially on the feet
• Deteriorating eye sight that can lead to blindness
• Erectile dysfunction and other sexual function problems
• Gangrene formation that can lead to amputation of a limb

Sometimes a patient is seen as an emergency.

The accompanying signs that can necessitate blood sugar monitoring include:

• Deep breathing
• Dizziness
• Severe dehydration
• Disorientation
• Unusual fruity smell in the breath (ketone breath)
• Coma

Monitor your blood sugar on a regular basis with a simple, inexpensive at home test that takes less than five minutes. This is one of the best preventive measures you can take for long-term wellness.


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