This is the ONE fitness move you should be doing – everyday

( We know. You’ve probably read a hundred of these headlines. But seriously, this time you’ve struck gold.

Everyone has different fitness goals and objectives, but we all strive for more flexibility, and this one move – the basic yoga squat – is so important to achieve that flexibility you really should be doing it every single day. Why? Because the more flexible we are, the easier it is to exercise. It’s that simple.

This one simple exercise will open up your hip flexors, which is also very important after sitting at a desk all day. Many trainers recommend that their clients get up from their desks at least once an hour to go for a short walk and then do a quick yoga squat.

If you try this a few times a day you will really begin to notice that your lower back and hips will start feeling less restricted and tight, and you’ll be able to do much more when you finally get into the gym later in the day.

Also known as Garland Pose, this yoga squat will feel a million times better when you know how to do it properly and modify it according to your own body. Get busy! [H/T Bad Yogi]

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