How would you feel about a tax on sugar? This city is going for it.

To hear that there is a growing addiction to sugar in many first world countries should come as no surprise.

A small seaside city called Brighton in the UK, however, wants to do something about it. They want to levy an additional 10 pence (roughly 15 cents in USD) tax on sugar-laden beverages. The money would support the Children’s Health Fund – an effort headed by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and Sustain. Their goal is to increase children’s food and nutritional education and reduce childhood obesity in the UK.

The sugar tax is what Brighton refers to as their Sugar Smart City Initiative, and will also target unhealthy snacks, confections and sugary beverages being sold in school cafeterias and vending machines. Local restaurants and cafes are also being encouraged to join in the sugar-reducing initiative by doing things like reducing the portion sizes of sugary items and developing new sugar-free menus for kids.

Is a tax on sugar the best way to deal with obesity? Maybe not. But if the revenue looks good, do you think other cities and countries will hesitate to follow suit?


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