Sitting for long periods of time? Study shows just this much movement reduces the damage to circulation

Every day, millions of people go to work and sit behind a desk. With technology becoming more and more prevalent, they’re staying at that desk for longer and longer periods of time. A new study shows that all this desk time may cause specific damage to the arteries in the leg.

But, walking for just ten minutes at a time can greatly reduce the risk of damage to the arteries. The University of Missouri Health System Magazine quoted researcher Jaume Padilla, Ph.D. as follows,  “It’s easy for all of us to be consumed by work and lose track of time, subjecting ourselves to prolonged periods of inactivity. However, our study found that when you sit for six straight hours, or the majority of an eight-hour work day, blood flow to your legs is greatly reduced. We also found that just 10 minutes of walking after sitting for an extended time reversed the detrimental consequences.”

Dr. Padilla conducted a study at the University is Missouri School of Medicine, which included eleven healthy, young men. During this study he had them sit for six hours at a time, and the study showed blood-flow in the popliteal artery was greatly decreased after sitting for such a long time.

A simple ten-minute standing period decreased the risk of damage, however.

Sitting behind a desk for a majority of the day may be an unavoidable part of life for most of us, but if employees throughout the country just walked around a bit during breaks, it would increase blood flow to the legs. The chances of long-term damage to the arteries would be greatly reduced.

Take movement to the next level at work

The trend toward treadmill desks offers even greater hope for circulation and even weight loss. A treadmill desk is a treadmill with a desktop attached. Typically, the desktop is large enough to support a laptop, with plenty of room left over for other work essentials.

Some workplaces now offer treadmill desks as an option for employees. Does yours? It is not out of the question to request a treadmill desk! And if you work from home, consider a treadmill desk as a viable option to keep you moving throughout the day.



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