Miracle plant curbs cravings and helps you feel fuller, longer

For millions who embark upon a weight loss journey, the one thing that inhibits success is something sweet. If you have a sweet tooth that just won’t quit, this post is for you.

What if I told you that there is a miracle plant out there that can curb cravings and help you feel fuller, longer? Most probably wouldn’t believe me, if it weren’t already scientifically proven.

The answer lies in the common leafy vegetable, spinach! The green, leafy membranes of spinach are called thykaloids, and they have been proven to beat cravings by giving the production of satiety hormones a boost.

When you eat processed foods often, your body tends to get a little confused. Processed foods digest quickly, not giving your body enough time to realize that it is full, causing you to over-eat. So, when you’re giving in to those pesky cravings, you’ll more than likely eat more than you should.

A study performed by Lund University in Sweden followed 38 over-weight women, giving them each a green smoothie first thing in the morning before breakfast. They were then were asked to continue to eat a healthy diet for the rest of the day.

Half of these women had spinach in their smoothie, while the others didn’t contain any spinach. None of the women knew whether or not they had spinach in their smoothie while participating in the study. Women who had the spinach in their smoothies didn’t have any cravings throughout the day, and stayed true to their diets. The women who had no spinach in the morning veered from their diets, and their weight loss was greatly inhibited.

Regarding this study, L.J. Devon published to Natural News, “In the study, the spinach extract boosted weight loss by 43 percent by decreasing hedonic hunger by a whopping 95 percent. The placebo group lost 7.7 pounds on average, while the group drinking spinach extract lost 11 pounds on average, a striking difference.

According to the American College of Nutrition, five grams of spinach thylakoids works to increase hunger satisfaction over time.  An added bonus is better post-meal blood sugar regulation.





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