So simple it’s ridiculous: #1 tip for losing weight and keeping it off forever

Record what you eat.


Take 10 seconds at every meal to log what you eat it in a smartphone app (LoseIt is my favorite). When you use LoseIt or a similar app, you’ll get an automatic calculation of calories, carbs, protein, fats, fiber and more.

LoseIt tracks your progress toward goals and even tells you how many calories you should eat each and every day to lose 1-2 pounds per week.

Once you learn how to use the app (10 minutes) you’re all set. Your only job is to record your food. The app does the rest. You can even log your exercise and receive calorie credits.

LoseIt and other app users report consistent weight loss when they use the app. Consistency in a weight loss program is also reported higher when using an app vs. individual nutrition consulting.

Here’s why you must track your food intake if you are serious about losing weight:

To gain a pound of fat every single week, all you need to do is overeat by 500 calories per day. How easy is that? A bowl of ice cream, some extra guacamole, a few tortilla chips, a dollop of peanut butter. A few seemingly insignificant slips during the week and ‘presto” you’ve gain a pound.

Food is deceptively energetic. Dietary slip ups provide a ton of caloric energy. If you’re not burning it off, it goes straight to your hips.

This is why tracking apps are so important. If you take the additional seconds required to record your food intake, you will always know where you stand. You’ll know how much more you can eat before you tip your energy balance in favor of putting on fat.

If you stay in this side of the energy balance equation, your body will turn to it’s fat reserves to get the energy it needs to keep you going. Just like that, you will begin to lose body fat.

How are you going to know where you stand if you don’t track what you eat?

Why we hate recording what we eat

We avoid recording our food because we’re self-sabotaging wimps. We can’t handle the truth. We’re childish, lazy and prefer being in denial. This is also why some people don’t track their checking account balance. They can’t handle knowing where they stand. They’re scared to deal with reality.

If this is you, you simply must get past this fatal obstacle. Stop the self-sabotage. Avoiding the truth – with all its gory details, spells death to your weight loss goals and your health.

If you’re really serious about ending the self-sabotage in your life, then study it. Watch this free and enlightening video that explains specifically how self-sabotage works in your psyche. It will radically change your perspective and show you the way out.

It’s fascinating that we sometimes must dig deep into our psyche to get ourselves to do something so simple like use an app to record food intake and calorie balance. After all, there are few things you can do for your health that will serve your more in the long run.

Food is the most powerful drug you will ever put into your body. Will you continue to use and abuse it, while avoiding the truth that a food tracker will reveal? That is self-sabotage, indeed.

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