The most important tip to keep you on track with your healthy eating plan

Want to lose body fat? Then, burn more energy than you eat every single day. Your body will do the rest.

It’s tough to do. Here’s why: A tiny amount of high calorie food contains enough caloric energy to ruin a whole lot of energy burning effort.

For example, if you’re a 150 pound person, you will burn around 238 calories while doing 30 minutes of high impact aerobic exercise.

What does it take to destroy all that time and effort spent exercising?

• One brownie
• One doughnut
• Two ounces of potato chips

These servings of high calorie junk food will add more than 238 calories into your body. Twenty seconds of indulgence ruins 30 minutes of panting and sweating to burn off calories.

In other words, the smallest amount of junk food can destroy your progress faster than you can imagine. These high calorie junk foods are packed with calories. You can ruin your chances of losing weight for the entire week with any typical restaurant meal.

Sorry. It’s true. To put yourself into weight loss mode, you must be vigilant! And this is why it is so hard for so many to lose weight.

This is why your healthy eating plan is so important. You can’t afford to deviate from it very often.

Chances are VERY HIGH that isn’t not your thyroid, candida or any number of health concerns used to explain weight loss troubles. The biggest trouble of all is that most of us simply don’t understand that it doesn’t take much bad food to completely ruin all your progress.

Then comes the discouragement, which makes it even more difficult to jump back into those 30 minutes of aerobics. Why bother, right?

Here’s the tip:

You should count calories. In fact, you must. And before you complain about what a pain in the butt counting calories can be, take a look at the LoseIt app. I am not affiliated with LoseIt in any way. This app just makes it SO EASY to know where you stand each and every minute of the day. You can know when you can afford to indulge in a high calorie snack. And you’ll know when such indulgence means good-bye to your dream body.

Use LoseIt to track your food. It’s simple and easy. And it takes just a few seconds to log each meal. You won’t regret it!

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