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Interested in medicinal body wraps?

Article by Bob Tremblay

If you are, you may want to visit Forever Slender as the Wayland med spa is the only one in Massachusetts that offers medicinal body wraps, according to the company. Other spas offer wraps, but not the medicinal version designed to reduce toxins in the body and trim inches off your waist, your hips, wherever. Forever Slender’s body wrap clients include former Boston Celtic Jared Sullinger and Miss Massachusetts 2014 Caroline Lunny.

The business was started in 2011 by Maria Martin, a Peruvian native, who also imports Peruvian quinoa. A South American grain, quinoa is sold by Martin in individual portions to clients and to restaurants and stores wholesale.

In addition, Forever Slender recently introduced CoolSculpting, a procedure like liposuction except there’s no cutting or intrusion into the body. The CoolSculpting machine looks like a giant vacuum cleaner with an attachment that you put up against your body and it pinches your fatty area and literally freezes the fat cells in that area. The frozen cells die and are eventually cleansed from your system, resulting, like liposuction, in the loss of fatty tissue – only this procedure is safer and doesn’t intrude or pierce the skin, says Martin.

Now a Wayland resident, Martin recently discussed her business with Daily News staff writer Bob Tremblay.

QUESTION: How did you come up with the name Forever Slender?

ANSWER: Before Forever Slender transformed into a full medical spa, it was entirely dedicated to slimming and weight loss. While we now provide services such as Botox, fillers, eyelash extensions and Hydrafacials, we also offer more services than ever to make people slender. No one wants their results to only be short term and no one provides better services to ensure their patients get better long term results than Forever Slender. I want people to know if you use our services, you can be forever slender.

Q: Why was the business started?

A: I wanted to offer something that was needed and no one else offered. We are the only business in the area – actually the only one in Massachusetts offering body wraps the way we do – not only eliminating toxins in your body and helping you get healthier, but also helping you lose weight and inches. Lesser spas offer body wraps that reduce toxins, but don’t deliver the same weight loss and loss of inches that ours do.

Q: Why did you choose your current locale?

A: The Wayland Town Center is a much more beautiful location than malls and strip malls. We refuse to be ordinary and being just a nice spa is unacceptable. We needed a location better than the norm and we have found it, right near the corner of routes 20 and 27, but tucked away in a location that speaks to getting away from it all.

Q: Has your business moved?

A: We moved to this location in July 2015 because we outgrew our original space, which was also in Wayland. As our business grew, we needed more space and more beautiful space to exceed the expectations of our patients.

Q: What did you do before you started this business?

A: When I lived in Virginia years ago, I really enjoyed working in special events at the National Air and Space Smithsonian. More recently, I owned an Inches-A-Weigh franchise and my own body wrap business called Aloe Wrapping & More. I opened Forever Slender Med Spa because my clients told me they needed me to fill a quality void as no other business offered the services Forever Slender offers well enough.

Q: What does your company do or sell?

A: Forever Slender Med Spa offers men and women a tremendous range of products and services. For those interested in losing inches and weight, we have CoolSculpting, specialized body wraps, V-Shape services and more. We can help anyone lose inches and weight and will match a great service to the patients’ needs and timelines. Got an event in six months and a dress to fit? We have a plan for you. Got five days to fit a dress? We have a plan for that, too.

These days it is critical to cheat the aging process. Everyone thinks Hydrafacials are for women, but we have salesmen and IT guys who would never be caught dead in a med spa come in because they simply can’t afford to look their age. The world can be a cruel place and smart people see the importance of not looking older and see these treatments as a crucial investment in their career.

We offer Botox, Juvederm, spider vein treatments and more, all administered by a certified nurse. We also have aestheticians for Hydrafacial and other facial rejuvenation treatments, eyelash extensions, etc. We also have many nutritional products, body shapers and other wonderful products which have been researched to ensure we only offer the absolute best to our patients.

A: What makes you different from the competition?

Q: Why wouldn’t people want to come to the best med spa? Results combined with relaxation. Our patients look and feel better than they have felt in years. If mediocre is good enough for you, then we aren’t the right place for you. We deliver top-notch service in a top-notch environment, for top-notch people of all shapes, sizes, colors, etc.

Q: What is the price of your product or service?

A: Our prices vary. A basic Cellureduce body wrap, a popular treatment, is $160. To permanently eliminate fat cells using CoolSculpting, it can be a few thousand dollars. Our nutritional supplements can be as low as $15 and our other services vary in price.

Q: What is your yearly revenue?

A: We’ve only been in our Wayland Town Center for a year, but have been growing rapidly. Over the past two years, our business has grown approximately 80 percent.

Q: Any future plans?

A: We have been asked to open other Forever Slender outlets and will do so, but not so fast as to outgrow the capability to offer premier service in premier locations across New England and beyond. I have many friends who love what we do and want to open Forever Slender outlets.

Q: How many employees do you have? Any family involved?

A: We have six employees plus my husband, David, who helps with business planning and development.

Q: Do you have any MetroWest connections?

A: I love MetroWest and have lived and worked in Wayland for more than 10 years. As a woman born and raised in Peru before becoming a U.S. citizen, I am truly living the American dream. Before I moved to Wayland, I lived in New Hampshire, San Francisco and Virginia, but have found my home here in MetroWest.

Forever Slender is located at 109 Andrew Ave. in Wayland Town Center. Its website is

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