Can You Lose Weight by Photographing Food?

If you’re already obsessed with photographing everything you eat for Instagram purposes (much to the chagrin of your loved ones), a weight loss app wants to make those photos worthwhile, just in case the likes aren’t enough motivation. Unlike your Instagram followers, who applaud the most caloric concoctions, Lose It! is health conscious. They created Snap It so users are aware of the calories they consume daily, without having to keep an exhaustive food journal.

Article by Margaret Abrams


Once you take a photograph of what you’re eating and upload it to the app, Snap It analyzes the image and suggests the food it recognizes, providing a calorie count and nutritional information. You can always change the information, or make it more specific. If you’re too hungry to learn about calories while consuming your sad saladat lunch, simply take a photo and upload it later that day. Of course, you could always forego capturing the chocolate you eat at your desk throughout the day, but that would be cheating….and desserts make the best Instagram posts, anyway.

Even if you don’t use the app religiously, simply thinking about it might prevent you from chowing down on something that’s potentially bad for you. It’s been previously reported that keeping track of your food will help achieve your weight loss goals. When you think about grabbing that full fat Coke from the refrigerator or snagging a bag of chips from the bodega before bedtime, the app will loom in your mind. And while you’d like to imagine calories from leftovers don’t count, especially when you don’t even bother reheating them, Snap It will tell you otherwise. Americans are already obsessed with capturing everything they eat on their phones, so why not use it to create a better understanding of calories consumed?

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