Urgent message to Tom Price and Donald Trump: How to save billions of dollars every year on health care with low-cost nutritional therapies that really prevent costly diseases

Watch and share this urgent message to HHS Secretary Tom Price and President-elect Donald Trump that provides powerful solutions for replacing Obamacare. (See the full video below.)

It all hinges on the simple but powerful idea that you can never make disease treatment “affordable” until you stop the causes of disease in the first place.

There are incredibly simple, low-cost and science-based solutions available right now that can:

  • Slash cancer rates in America by one-third over four years.
  • Save the government over a hundred billion dollars in prescription medicine costs each year.
  • Drastically reduce expenditures on expensive diseases that only transfer profits to the cancer industry, insurance companies, hospitals and drug manufacturers.

These solutions are so incredibly simple and affordable that I estimate the federal government could save $100 for every $1 investment in these solutions. (Yes, that’s a 10,000% return on investment!)

I have a list of 100 powerful ideas for rescuing America’s health and drastically reducing health care costs that I’m ready to share with the Trump administration. They include simple but powerful ideas like #43) Disallow food stamp expenditures on diabetes-promoting soda and soft drinks!

Watch my video below to hear more powerful solutions that can help Make America Great Again. (And yes, Big Pharma is going to go berserk when they hear this, because it threatens literally trillions of dollars in pharmaceutical profits that are bankrupting this great nation…)

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