Throwing some weight around

( There are many exercises for strength and endurance involving a very simple invention developed in the last century – the tire.

The bigger the tire, the heavier the tire and the more strength and endurance it takes to move one around. Tire-flipping, made popular with cross-fitters, is one workout that is spreading among guys who just like to push their bodies to the limit.

But another workout involving smaller tires is the tire toss. Just about any tire for a normal-sized vehicle will do. The concept is simple: You just pick it up and throw it – over your head or toss it to your left or right.

Here’s a demonstration video – just one way you can perform the tire toss:

Tire tosses are explosive movements, which build core strength and really add to the endurance factor. So start incorporating more rubber into your extreme fitness workouts.

Here is today’s workout – get after it! And remember – maximum effort, minimum rest.


5 rounds

— tire flips (10 each)

— overhead tire toss (3)

— sledge hammer strikes (15)


5 rounds

— bicep curls (10 each/40-50lb bar)

— kettle bell swings (10)

— ladder climber (30 seconds)


5 30-sec rounds of non-stop punching on the heavy bag

Extra credit:

— Burpees to exhaustion

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