Get ‘roped’ into doing THIS extreme fitness workout

( One of the most amazing strength and endurance exercises going today is the combat rope – or battle rope, if you prefer. This one exercise is capable of building muscle and leaving you completely gassed when you’re finished.

You may not have realized it, but ropes have been keeping humans fit for thousands of years. As noted by the Onnit Academy, as far back as 3500 to 4000 B.C. in ancient Egypt, humans have used rope to improve their quality of life – helping to pull, haul, carry, drive, push, and lift people, vehicles, and equipment.

Still, only recently have ropes been employed to better the human mental and physical condition. And boy, have they: Ropes provide a number of physical and physiological benefits and should be inserted often into your extreme fitness training regimens. Plus, they are a great way to develop more explosive strength and stamina without the risk of getting injured.

So, if you want better mobility, stability, strength and endurance, combat ropes are just the ticket. Pick some up today and put them into your workout. Here are 20 different combat rope movements you should try.

Meantime, onto today’s workout. And remember, maximum effort, minimal rest.


— 80 tire flips (sets of 10)

— 20 tire throws (10 overhead, ten laterally)


5 rounds

— combat ropes (20 seconds – vary the exercises)

— medicine ball slams (10 each round)

— side-to-side straddle (15 yards one way, 15 yards back)


5 minutes

— stairclimber (1-minute rounds)

Extra credit:

— Burpees to exhaustion

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