Chest blaster workout will give you serious challenges – and serious gains

( Building a bigger chest is a priority for us, isn’t it guys? And not just because a bigger, badder chest is a huge chick magnet. While that certainly doesn’t hurt, we also know that a bigger, more powerful chest serves as a platform for building muscle and power elsewhere.

There are many ways to approach this, but honestly the best way to do so it just blast your chest from all angles, and with lots of weight. This isn’t to say that you should max out your weight ever chest workout, but it is to say you should max out your chest reps every time you work that part of your body, because doing so – when adding proper nutrition to include enough protein for growth – will produce amazing results.

So, to review: Each chest workout should not involve maxing out your weight; stick to doing that once every 3-5 weeks, as normal. But each chest workout should max out your reps, to ensure that you get a good blood pump going on and that you’re shredding and feeding fibers for good growth.

This workout does involve lifting your max, but you can of course adjust it to take out that max lift:

Bench press

Begin with 1-2 warmup sets, then add weight and pyramid: 12, 10, 8, 6 and MAX rep (of 1-3); ascend in reverse order and end with blowout set of 12+.

Fly machine

You’re already warmed up so start with 12-15 reps then 10, 8, 6; ascend in reverse order finishing with a max rep set.

Weighted Dips

A lot of guys forget what a great chest builder this is; it doesn’t just work your tri’s. Begin without weights with a set of 10, then grab a weight belt and attach a 25 lb weight and rep out; do the same for 35 lb and 45 lb plates; then reverse after 2 sets w/45 lb plate.


Add some fatigue to your shoulders – 4 rounds of heavy bag punching with 5 lb weight in each hand.

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